Introduction to Health Habits




“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”  Jim Ryon


Health Habits…for many of us, we’ve read about various health habits for years and in many cases, we’ve given them a half hearted attempt and then given up on it.

This blog will re-introduce various health habits and key concepts to you(as well as other concepts as they come along) and give you viable reasons to embrace them into your life.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read articles in various books and magazines of the need to drink more water, eat less/no sugar, etc.  I’d half heartedly follow them for a while and not give it enough time to work and go back to my old ways.  It wasn’t until I fully understood how my life could physically improve, that it finally became a habit.

I am going to start with the basics…please hear me out on this…and read through the posts.  I have been irritated with many magazine and newspaper  articles for years…their lack of research and detail are many times worse than not reading the article at all.  I personally do not take people’s advice unless they have thoroughly convinced me and have done it themselves…and had success with it. I hope to convince you to try many if not all of these habits and see the value to them.

Til next time…Eva




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